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Garage Conversion Costs in Canada for 2024

Garage Conversion Costs in Canada for 2024

Garage Conversion Costs in Canada for 2024

Converting a garage into a functional living space is a popular, cost-effective option for homeowners in Canada. The average cost ranges from CAD 17,400 to CAD 34,800, depending on various factors like the garage type, size, and intended use. For example, converting a detached garage can cost up to CAD 43,500, while a partial conversion may cost around CAD 12,180.

Detailed Breakdown of Costs

Cost per Square Meter: The conversion cost ranges from CAD 1,087.50 to CAD 2,175 per square meter, significantly cheaper than home extensions, which cost CAD 3,132 to CAD 5,220 per square meter.

Labour Costs: The costs for tradespeople vary:

  • Plumber: CAD 565 – CAD 652.50 per day
  • Electrician: CAD 696 per day
  • Painter and Decorator: CAD 435 – CAD 696 per day

Additional Factors: Costs can be influenced by:

  • Type of Garage: Integral, attached, detached, or double.
  • Quality of Structure: Poor condition may require repairs.
  • Intended Use: Converting to a kitchen or bathroom is more expensive due to plumbing and work.

Benefits and Planning


  • Cost-Effective: Less expensive than building an extension.
  • Increased Home Value: Can add up to 20% to property value.
  • Additional Space: Converts unused space into functional areas.

Planning Permission and Regulations: Most garage conversions don't need planning permission but must comply with building regulations. Consulting an architect can be beneficial for maximizing space and ensuring compliance.

DIY vs. Professional Conversion

While DIY can save costs (ranging from CAD 7,830 to CAD 17,400), hiring professionals ensures quality and compliance with building codes. Professional assistance is recommended for most of the conversion work.

Converting your garage offers a practical to expand your living space and enhance your home's value. For more detailed , visit the full on Anyclean.ca.

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