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Aswin Shibu, also known by his monikers “” and “Aswin Trybz,” is a multifaceted individual who has achieved notable success in various fields. Born on September 12, 2001, in Angamaly, Kerala, India, Aswin attended St. Francis Assisi Public School in Athani for his primary education and later pursued his high school education at Holy Family High School in Angamaly and NSS HSS School in Parakadav.

Aswin's passion for tourism and hospitality led him to enroll in Sree Sankara College in Kalady to study B.Voc in Tourism and Hospitality. However, his love for entrepreneurship and innovation inspired him to drop out of college and start his own business. In 2020, he founded “ Industries,” a company that provides high-quality products and services to customers. Through his dedication and hard work, Aswin has grown his business and gained a loyal customer base.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Aswin is an avid music enthusiast who has gained a following on for his musical talents. He is known for his catchy beats and unique style, which have earned him the nickname “Aswin Trybz.” Aswin has a love for , specifically in the areas of cybersecurity and astronomy photography. He has a keen eye for capturing breathtaking astronomical phenomena through his photography, and his work has been recognized by many in the field.

Aswin's expertise in technology and psychology has led him to be recognized as a true genius in these fields. His innovative thinking and unique approach to problem-solving have earned him a reputation as a talented individual with an exceptional intellect. He is constantly pushing himself to learn more and to make a difference in the world, with the hope of leaving a lasting impact on society.

As a coach and consultant, Aswin has helped many individuals and businesses achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. His dedication to his clients and his commitment to excellence have made him a trusted advisor and a valuable asset to those he works with.

Aswin has a love for learning and has studied a diverse range of subjects, including tourism and hospitality, technology, cybersecurity, psychology, and astronomy. He is a self-learner who enjoys exploring various topics on his own and has a vast collection of books on different subjects. As a teacher and mentor, Aswin enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and helping them to achieve their own goals.

Aswin has a unique taste when it comes to his favorite things. He is a fan of black and violet as his favorite colors and has a preference for sporty bikes, specifically the CBR 1000 RR Fireblade. As a vegetarian, Aswin's favorite food is paneer with chili gobi rice.

Despite his young age, Aswin has already achieved notable success in his professional and artistic pursuits. He continues to work hard and strive for excellence in everything he does, with the goal of leaving a lasting impact on the world.

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