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ChatGPT 4vision’s future and beyond- A Guide

We watched films as children that told us that robots will take over the entire globe. I believe that time has come, everything is now done by AI, and it has become actual.

Visualize, we hold the power of AI today. All we need to do is turn on our phones and start getting into our everyday routine. One tool that practically assists us in all aspects of life is chap gpt, which is also essential for everyone.

Ready to see it in action, Let's explore this AI instrument on this fascinating trip!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The replication of human analytical and decision-making capabilities “(Steven Finlay, Author of and Machine Learning for Business, 2017)Artificial intelligence AI is the technology made by human intelligence and work as the person wants it to do, including the ability to perform tasks and act autonomously.

Chat GPT and its Uses

Strong AI ChatGPT can produce writing that seems like it was produced by a human and can carry out tasks when we are given written instructions within a seconds. The language model may write emails, articles, essays, code, social media postings, and other textual content in addition to responding to queries. 

Chat gpt is the chatbot service where people can ask many questions and chat gpt respond to the question for clarifying all the doubts and help them to learn more. Also, it provided us with the answers to our problems in a matter of seconds, you no longer need to visit the library or utilize

People have used it for different purposes that are listed below:

  • Research work 
  • Compose music 
  • Calculation problems. 
  • Writing summries, essay and stories 
  • Discover keywords for search engine optimization ( seo) 
  • Writing blogs, articles and quizes for website 
  • Research market for products etc. 

Evolution of Chat GPT

“AI as a technology is complex, of course, but the capabilities and aren't hard to understand.” (Jensen Huang)


Introduced in June 2018, GPT-1 was OpenAI's first transformer-based language model. The model was able to applying bookscorpous, execute a number of tasks,  such as analysing emotions, comprehension of reading, linguistic similarity, and text placement. The parameter of gpt-1 is 117M in total. This model helps to open the way for next better version of ai. 


Introduced in February 2019, GPT-2 model was made by using larger data sheets of reading, questioning, translation and the stronger language model. This model also performs conditioning tasks and zero shot learning. This model has a parameter of 1.5B in total. 

This modell limited to larger language model and it needs to make the language at natural understanding for better future. 


The company behind ChatGPT released GPT-3 in 2020. As of August 2023, it is the only GPT model that can be perfectly-work. GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters and much more powerful capabilities than the previous models. The world started to recognize this chatbot services. It would be for the first of tume when people directly interact with the LLM like this. But concerns about its subjectivity to disinformation and biases continued.


ChatGPT was released to the public in November 2022. This model understands the autoregressive language that takes a vast range of learning to generate human-like speech. Elon Musk himself deemed the chatbot “scary good” and “not far from dangerously strong” in a tweet. Interesting fact is that ChatGPT can also use a humor (it even tells us the joke that is really funny like this one)

In actuality, Chatgpt can write essays, ask questions, extract data, summarize, translate, and even communicate with you on its own when you have no one else to chat to. 

Thus, this is the transformable voyage of chat gpt, where each version gets better and has its own special qualities. Nearly everyone has heard of and used software. Open AI goes one step further to make the software easier to use, and the result is now chat gpt 4v(vision). Let's talk about it!

CHAT GPT- 4v(ision)

OpenAI released its GPT-4visioin model to ChatGPT Plus paid subscribers in September 2023. GPT-4 enhances the model's features and keeps winning people over with its distinctive attributes. Now it's not just about the words, it's about seeing. 

OpenAI created the multimodal model GPT-4V to assess image inputs and produce output based on them. With GPT-4V, users can input image data and get answers to questions pertaining to that data. Otherwise, you can study any kind of image you desire and get information about it by utilizing the GPT-4V model. 

OpenAI's co-founder Greg Brockman explained GPT-4v functionalities earlier this year in video, many tests have been performed on this ai and the results have been incredible. Here are some of the amazing features of GPT-4V.  

CHAT GPT- 4v Features

Here are the main features of chat gpt 4v, OpenAi generated:

  • The most important attribute, it releases maximum 25,000 words instead of 3000 like GPT- 3.5.
  • It generated more in depth words, having conversations, and research analyses. 
  • With various images serving as its primary input, it may generate titles, captions, and evaluations. 
  • It produces less vulnerable work and gives better consideration to morale and ethics.
  • It is more cooperative and creative than before. 
  • It can also solve calculation problems and equations. 

Capabilities of Chat GPT-4v in different Disciplines

With simply one picture, Chatgpt-4v is a visionary tool that can provide a response to the user 3Ws: Why, What, and Who. The user is presented with imaginary words, which they can describe in just a few seconds by providing the tool with visuals. Don't you think it's just like a friend to us? Let's discuss its capabilities in different disciplines!


Chat GPT-4v brings the evolution of student life. Imagine a history student uploading the image of architecture and chat gpt-4v assist them in every possible way to describe it. It also helps the biology student in detailed structure and literature of anatomy. Research students also receive some help in their research by just providing the graph, charts, even photographs for data analysis. By providing the right assistance, it opens up fresh opportunities for solving difficult issues. Now students don't need books any longer. 


Chat GPT- 4v helps the mechanical and electrical engineers in their respective field. Design and prototyping commune a lot of time in mechanical engineering. AI produces the relevant design and prototyping to our response. Imagine a student can upload the circuit board and AI can detect faults and efficiency of the situation. It can help to save our time and improves our creativity and quality.


In this field, Chat GPT-4v helps the designer in interior/graphic works. AI can help them in interior designing by just providing the space image to it like what color and theme you should use there. It can also give us the idea of renovation and detect the painted colors. It can also speed up the design process and improve creativity. Imagine a person uploading the image of some site. It can also make the architecture design.

Medical Profession:

A new study found that ChatGPT performed about as well as human doctors in diagnosing patients, when both are given the same set of clinical information. “In the end, they were pretty comparable,” said senior researcher (Steef Kurstjens), a clinical chemist with Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. “And as they're pretty comparable, [AI] might be helpful to speed up the process or enhance the number of diagnoses at the emergency department.” It can also analyze the X-rays, MRI reports of the patient. 

Business Industry:

Chat GPT-4v helps the business industry to grow and enhance their skills. You can improve your customer inquiries skills, content creation, sales growth, personalize the email marketing, analyze the data, and train the employees and develop the different campaigns through AI. It can save time and energy and give you creative ideas for your business growth. Like imagine you can market the product and upload an image of it. AI generates various ideas to market the product. 

Agriculture industry:

Chat GPT-4v helps the farmers in various ways. Like a person uploading the picture of the crop the AI can detect the crop diseases, pest infestation, crop forecasting, soil analysis and give vast ideas to improve the fields and farming. It can also make the reports, alerts and insight to make the business take the best decisions. 

Chat GPT- 4v Limitations

According to OpenAI's research, the GPT-4V system card identifies a number of model limitations.

Since chat gpt 4v is not a human mind, there must be a limit to its vision even with all of its capabilities. 

Let's discuss the limitations below! 

  • Reliability misunderstanding: GPT- 4v can produce inaccurate and precise context on the image it evaluates. It can also miss the text or character in an image. 
  • Overreliance: Because ChatGPT 4 Vision is so simple to use and effective, people may become unduly dependent on it, which could lower the rate at engaging in critical thinking and practical implications. 
  • Can't Solve Complex Problems: ChatGPT 4 vision faces a challenge to solve the complex problem. It can't solve complex reasoning like sudoku puzzles etc. 
  • Data security: Concerns regarding data security and privacy may arise when photographs are uploaded for analysis, particularly when private or sensitive images are involved.

These limitations draw attention to the difficulties and potential areas for GPT-4V development. Even while it has amazing potential, you must use it carefully and be aware of its limitations.

How to Access the CHAT GPT- 4v? 

With a $20-per-month ChatGPT Plus account on chat.openai.com, you can upload an image to the ChatGPT app on iOS or Android and ask it a question. OpenAI is releasing GPT-4's text input capability via ChatGPT. It is currently available to ChatGPT Plus users. There is a waitlist for the GPT-4 API. Public availability of the image input capability has not yet been announced. 

Some key Points to be noted

  • ChatGPT is now powered by visual capabilities making it more easily adjustable.
  • GPT-4 Vision can be used for various computer vision tasks like deciphering written texts, data analysis, object detection, etc.
  • Still has limitations similar to GPT-3.5. However, the overreliance is reduced compared to GPT-3.5 because of enhanced steerability.
  • It's available now to ChatGPT Plus users!


We're undoubtedly at the beginning of a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) as we come to the end of our exploration of the GPT-4 Vision (GPT-4V) universe. This text-visual combination is genuinely groundbreaking, but the usefulness of any tool depends on how we use it. Thus, while you venture into this fascinating future, have an open mind and remember to use GPT-4V's power appropriately. AI is a huge field, and we have only just begun.

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