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WHAT CHOICE ARE YOU MAKING? A blissful paradise or a burning furnace called hell?

I have seen several statement of “i wish I met you before I got to him” than I have heard “my marriage is the best decision I have ever made”.

Do you know why?
Marriage is not like your regular cravings that you eat anytime or a study timetable that you use to study because you are at a certain age. You're to prepare for a blissful life just like the way you study in an higher institution for years just to get a degree.

A lot of and men envy single ladies and guys and for once wished they can be single. You shouldn't by chance ever feel pressured or intimidated to get married.

“It is a great thing to be married but note that it is a lifetime commitment which can either be a paradise or a place of burning furnace called hell”.

Marriage was originated by God! I can tell you categorically that you're already a step close to getting the wrong partner if you've not committed the journey into God's hands before you meet yourselves.

“Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness, but a faithful man who can find? The just man walketh in his integrity and his children are blessed after him.

That message above is a biblical verse and it's designed and directed to every human be it man or woman. Where can we find a faithful man? Where can you find a virtuous woman? Looking at the world today, it's very difficult to find these set of people. Mere mortal to be 100% accurate is nothing to stake on.

Listen!!! To really get it right as a lady or guy headed towards marriage, you must take the risk of these things:

~ Strength to wait and trust the Lord timing (if you miss this you're gone, opportunity lost can't be regain)

~ Position yourself to be seen while you wait (you should know this better than anyone else)

~ Guide your heart against wolves in sheep (that is when you will be seeing several fine ladies and guys you thought you've not seen before)

~ Use your waiting period very well

I can tell you with my full chest that is is very easy to find a man or woman to marry but difficult to find a “FAITHFUL HUSBAND and a VIRTUOUS WIFE”. Remember, the decision you make today will determine if you're going into a place called PARADISE or a BURNING FURNACE called HELL.

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Written by:
Eniitan O. Adeyemi
(Cert. Public Speaker)


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